Friday, August 15, 2008

Lunchtime Blues

Golly, but the Fries have been cranky most of the morning.

Large Fry got her hand spanked at breakfast and it just kinda went downhill from there.

I'm having to scold her now about taking her food off her plate and putting it on the table. (She likes to "paint" with it.) And because she's mad about me telling her to put her food back on her plate, now she's trying to bend her whale spoon until it breaks.

The two smaller Fries are at least eating, but then, they're also stuffing their little plastic forks and spoons down their shirts. Yay. I don't know how to discourage using that "pocket."

Oh, double yay. Medium Fry is eating her yogurt with her fingers!

Yep, it's that kind of day.

*     *     *

The "pocket" reference above doesn't tell the story of how shirts overall became so known.  No, it's not the reason you think.

When we knew the girls would be spending the summer with us, I bought a little 6'-wide, 12"-deep snap-set yard pool.  Small Fry turned out to be terrified by the water, and my presence was required in the pool.  She clung to me like a lifeline the first few times we used the pool.

Innyhoo, my bathing suit is one piece and perfectly respectable...unless you're a small child standing next to me, looking down at me, as I'm sitting in the pool.  Then I have this very cool "pocket" created by my cleavage....  Naturally, Large Fry decided to make use of that pocket, taking one of the pool toys (a plastic measuring cup) and dumping water down in the "pocket."  Then she was surprised that the water wouldn't stay IN the pocket...and so she'd pull out the neckline of my suit to see where the water went.

From that point on, whenever the girls wanted to put something in a safe place, they chose the same kind of "pocket"...and put things down their shirts.  I'm not sure if I'm sad that the practice of using that "pocket" was only in use for a few months....

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