Monday, August 25, 2008

"What the?!?!?" moment of the day

Large Fry is potty training.

To that end, we now have little girly training pants (they were all white when I was a kid, as I recall).

I decided to tackle this piecemeal, in shorter blocks, slowly working up to all day in training pants, with diapers only at naptime and bedtime. (What do I know? I've never been a parent before.)

So, as I'm checking the tag on the recently-wet training pants to make sure there's nothing weird I need to be aware of (you just never know these days), I notice the label includes this handy bit of information:

"Cool iron if necessary."

What the heck?

WHAT parent in their RIGHT mind would think that ironing training pants is a necessity?

I'll be happy if she can hold it longer than five minutes!

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