Friday, January 30, 2009

Are you old?

The Fries are in bed. That means it's time to watch non-kid TV!

I let Hubby have the clicker after I watch the show I want at 9p. He flips through the channels and finally settles on AFV on ABC Family while I chat online with a friend. The Weasel (given name Pa'ani) is half-sprawled on my lap, catnapping. And while the channel is set to ABC Family, he's still got the on-screen guide up on the bottom third of the screen (and he's not too happy I'm posting this story *snicker*).

I'm waiting for the next comment from my friend when I hear Hubby say, "Oh, my gosh, I'm OLD!" I look at him, and he points to the TV. He's got it on Bravo now, which is airing a war movie. I'm trying to figure out how the lone soldier on patrol, who's humming Glenn Miller's "In the Mood," is making him feel old. I look back at Hubby, who indicates the screen again. Then I see what's made him feel old.

Back to the Future Part II is about to start...on the Retro Channel.

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