Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This is what makes it worth it.

It's breakfast time here at Casa Fries. Mean auntie that I am, I make them eat most of their breakfast before I give them milk; I know they'll fill up on milk rather than food if I don't.

While I was out escaping the house for a bit last night, I stopped off at Target to see if I could find some new sippy cups for Large Fry (who only has three, and we can go through 'em faster than I can run the dishwasher), and some extra kiddie plates and silverware (I forgot bowls *smack*). The kind that Large Fry usually uses had rather boring patterns on them, and Large Fry has this thing for Disney Princesses. But apparently Target doesn't stock those kind...however, they do stock ones the same style as the twin Fries' Elmo cups that have Disney Princesses. I bought a two-pack.

I loaded all my new purchases up in the dishwasher last night after I got home and ran it.

The Fries have mostly finished their waffles (except Small Fry, who is actively teething, and in a fair amount of discomfort) when I get clean cups out of the dishwasher for milk. Large Fry about comes unglued when I pull out one of the new Princess cups.

"That's for Large Fry!" she cries hopefully.

"Yes, it's for you," I say with a smile.


Of course, she then kinda ruined the effect of her glee by imperiously informing her sisters that this was HER new cup, not theirs. *grin*

But it's always good to know when you do something that right.

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