Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This will only make sense...

...if you've seen VeggieTales' movie The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.

I am upstairs hiding in the bathroom (I admit it; it's the only place I get solitude these days). Dan has gone to the church, despite tonight's activities cancellation, because some kids may not hear the call about that if their phones are down along with their power and to get some work done so he doesn't have to go into the office tomorrow. The girls are in the living room/playroom.

All is, for the moment, well.

And then I hear running feet. And giggles. And shrieks of "Cheese curls!" And feet running the other way. And more giggles. And more shrieks of "Cheese curls!"

The girls had watched The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything earlier today while waiting for my folks to arrive and to give me a chance to get some work done.

I grinned as I realized what they were doing.

More running. More giggles. More "Cheese curls!" as they dashed from one end of my Kiddo Korral (my trademark on that is pending *grin*) to the other.

I wished for all the world that I had some space left on the memory card for my digital camera to take some video of it.

Or that they'd still been running from fierce, imaginary cheese curls when I got back downstairs.

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