Sunday, January 4, 2009

Reach out and touch someone!

Since I've been under the weather the last few days, all of us girls took naps this afternoon. The Fries and I woke up at pretty much the same time. So I got them downstairs, handed diapers to Hubby, and went to get them some juice. I also hid in the kitchen to eat some Oreos...but got found out by Small Fry and simply brought some out to share.

As I handed a cookie to Large Fry, Hubby turned to me and explained that Large Fry had wanted to talk to Grandma and Boppa since she wouldn't see them today. He wondered if I would be willing to make that call so she could talk to them.

Hubby left for youth group, and once Large Fry finished her Oreo, I dialed my parents' number. I didn't even say hello, just held the cordless phone up to Large Fry's ear right before Mom answered.

She talked to Grandma for several minutes, mostly about how they were watching the Jonah VeggieTales movie (they weren't yet, but they were going to). Then she said, "Bye," and shoved the phone back at me.

Then Small Fry wanted to talk to Grandma. She got out "hello" and "I lahhyou" before the buttons on the handset became more interesting.

I talked with Mom for several minutes myself, mostly about SIL's flights en route to South Korea today. Then I asked if Dad could come to the phone, since Large Fry had wanted to talk to them both.

Dad got on the line and I put the phone back next to Large Fry's ear. "Hello, Boppa," she said, "I want to talk to Grandma."

I was not able to stifle my laughter.

I heard Mom come back on the line, since Large Fry was right next to me on the recliner. Large Fry now said they were watching The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything VeggieTales movie (the tv was still on figure skating), and then said she wanted to talk to Boppa again.

You will never guess what she said to Dad when he came back on the line.

I heard Dad chuckle and then Mom's voice.

And, of course, Large Fry immediately asked to speak to Boppa again.

I was a little surprised by what I heard next:

"I want to talk to Uncle Cole!" Large Fry said, rather indignantly.

It didn't surprise me that Large Fry probably thinks that my BIL lives at Grandma and Boppa's...she's only ever seen him there. But I was amused that she wanted to talk to him.

She shoved the phone away and I took it back, and found both of my parents were talking to me.

Sensing a pattern, my parents had decided to fix her...they put her on speakerphone. Large Fry is not stupid. She quickly figured out she had them both on the line. And, in order to continue her game, she asked for the next person she figured would be there.

I almost called my sister to have her put her husband on the line. But I figured she'd then want to talk to her cousin Ruben, too, who is barely three months old and wouldn't say much.

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