Monday, March 2, 2009

Found under the couch

*At least 3 dozen assorted-size Lego Duplo blocks

*A good dozen letters/numbers, from two different magnetic alphabets

*A small Bob the Tomato, sporting a soul patch

*Madame Blueberry, with a fantastical wig

*Three books

*A tube of Bacitracin ointment that I lost 3 weeks ago


*Nibbled old pizza crusts (ew)

*Small Fry's missing pacifier

*Dust rabbit

*One white plastic egg (not the Easter-egg variety)

*Several dusty, pathetic-looking preemie-sized diapers (for diapering various stuffed animals and baby dolls)

*A number of small dolls that are of the fast-food kiddie-meal-toy variety

*Arm cover for the blue armchair

What I did NOT find as I picked up the entire Kiddo Korral area:

The two missing duckies.


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