Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The teen years should be interesting with this one...

After hastily finishing the twin Fries' kindergarten family projects for November, we hustled them up to bed.

Hubby went into Large Fry's room to start there, while I went into the twins'.  Tag-team bedtimes.

I went through the routine:

  • prayers
  • kicking out monsters, giants, wombats, dragons, and snakes (but the friendly ones can go to Gramma and Boppa's)
  • singing their good-night song
  • good night kisses and I-love-you kisses and hearts (the sign language sign for "I love you," and we touch fingers; then we make hearts with our fingers and touch the hearts together)
  • turned on the radio
Then I went down the hall, where Hubby had been apparently lotioning up an itchy Large Fry.  I sang the goodnight song to her while Hubby went down the hall to do hugs and kisses for the twins.

We met at the top of the stairs, and Hubby related this conversation:

Medium Fry [glaring and disgusted]: Daddy, do you know you missed everything?

Hubby: I know.  I'm horrible.

Medium: You'wre nawt that hohwrrible.

Hubby: Okay, I guess I'm just a little horrible, then.

Medium: No.  You'wre nawt hohwrrible at all.

I somehow suspect that there was an eyeroll involved in the "nawt that hohwribble."  If there wasn't, in a few years, there will be.

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