Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vignettes from Tonight

As we're driving over to the twins' friend Merry's house for their little Halloween party tonight, Medium is talking with Hubby about dogs after Small Fry expresses some concern about whether or not Merry's family has a doggy.

Medium Fry: An' she has a Chocolate Pudding dog!

Hubby: A Chocolate Pudding dog?

Medium: Yes!  That's what she said!

Hubby: A chocolate Labrador?

Medium: No!  Yes!

Hubby: So she has a chocolate Lab, then.  That's cool.

Medium: Yes.


And then, on our way home from the party, Hubby was joking around with Medium, and asking "Who?" "What?"  "When?" any time Medium had a question, and using a creaky old voice to do it.

Medium was not happy.

Medium:  Daddy!  You'wre not listening! I'm twrying to talk to you!  Daddy!

Hubby: What?

Medium: Why awre you saying "What?"

Hubby [creakily]: What?  Who?

By this time we were in our driveway (it's only about five minutes to Merry's).

Medium [exasperated]: You'wre nawt heawring what I'm twrying to say!  Just goes to show that you'wre getting old.


And here they are, in all their finery:

Spidergirl, Rosetta, and Iridessa


  1. Poor Hubby. Three beautiful daughters. I at least only have to contend with one.

    1. :D And a five-year-old who's a smart aleck.


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