Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Mommy? Can you do me a favor?"

I confess.

My first reaction to Medium's question was an internal sigh.

I'm in a lot of pain this morning. The spring weather here is wonderful, but it brings with it the curses of fluctuating air pressures and humid air. Both my wrist and ankle have been aching as a result, and I had missed a dose of my heavy-duty arthritis painkiller yesterday, so I took it when I I put the kids to bed.

Which meant that it had all worn off by this time. And I hadn't taken the next dose yet.

I was kicking myself (figuratively) for adjusting the med schedule so I'd be at my absolute worst in the mornings.

I tried to smile. "What's that, honey?"

"When you go upstaiwrs, could you get my duckie and keep him with you so he's safe?"

My heart melted right along with my irritation at myself and my pain. "Of course!" I assured her.

Clearly, Medium was feeling a little insecure or something this morning. She can't take Duckie to school, since we don't want her to lose him. And when she feels the need to cling to Duckie more tightly, she'll ask me to do this very thing. That way, she knows Duckie is safe, and all remains right with her world. If Duckie is safe, so is she.

So, as I type this, I'm resting in bed (waiting for the drugs to kick in). I have Mika curled up next to me on my right (he's hovering because he knows I hurt), and Duckie next to me on my left, eyes facing the headboard since he's too young to watch Criminal Minds with me.

There is nothing as important as these small promises, I think. I'll keep Duckie with me all day until Medium gets home from school. Because I said I would. And Medium trusts that I will do just that. Hopefully she'll trust me on bigger things, too...although, in her world, there's not much bigger than Duckie.

Besides, he's pretty good company.

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