Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Single Mommy Experiment Rides Again

Hubby's en route to Florida tonight for his annual youth workers' summit.

Actually, at the moment he's stuck in Charlotte, where it's raining.  And apparently, the heaters they use for dehumidifying equipment on the planes are important.  And by important, I mean that they pulled the plane off the runway, deplaned all the passengers, and directed them to a new gate.  His anticipated 10:15 flight into Orlando now isn't scheduled to leave until 11:59...which is about ten minutes after he should have landed, had his flight been on time.

Isn't he lucky?
The paper chain
Hubby made, to help
count the days until
Daddy gets home.

Innyhoo, the Fries and I took him to the airport.  We went up to the observation deck and the Fries were delighted with watching a plane take off.  They were even more delighted that there was a McDonald's in the airport.  Medium Fry wanted to know if we were going to go on the elescator again.  We ate dinner together...and as soon as all of us girls took a potty break before heading home, the screws started loosening.

Everybody was okay during the first round of hugs.

Not so much the second, in which the twins came unglued.  Small Fry cried the whole way back to the van.  Medium Fry joined her as I started the engine.  I had to call Hubby before I even left the parking space in the garage.

Thank goodness for the set of CDs we got years ago that are different classical compilations.  Gentle Classics into the CD player, and in another fifteen minutes, at least the kids weren't crying anymore.  (Large Fry's "I'm sad in my heart, but I'm not crying" stoicism didn't help calm the twins.)  They all fell asleep on the drive home.

I sent them up to get ready for bed.  My mom called while I was waiting for them to finish getting ready.  In the twenty minutes between getting home and me getting upstairs to tuck them in, Large Fry had fallen asleep in her bed, glasses still on, lights blazing in her room...which I didn't discover until after I tucked in the twins.  (She woke in a panic when I took her glasses off, and I told her it was okay and to go back to sleep; I don't think she heard me sing or turn on her radio.)

Before I tucked the twins in, Medium wanted to know if Daddy had sent the pictures of the plane at the gate and himself in the plane that he'd promised.  I pulled up the photos Hubby had sent by text, and they smiled.

I went through their usual bedtime routine.  After I kicked out all the monsters, giants, wombats, dragons, and snakes, and Medium had sent the fwiendly fings to Gramma and Poppa's, I asked if we needed to send a few friendly things to Daddy's motel room.  Medium nodded, thumb already back in her mouth.

Then we needed to send some to Auntie Sis in Romania...and Great-Aunt Dee and Great-Uncle R, too, since it's very cool that they have a great aunt.

It's gonna be a long week.

I self-medicated with a couple of ice cream sandwiches.

Is it just me, or are those things about half the size they were when I was a kid?

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  1. It's never easy, but they'll be OK. Just remember to stay upbeat.

    And yeah, indulging a bit for your own sanity isn't a bad idea.


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