Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oh, I'm so very sad.

I think the Fries are starting to outgrow Little Einsteins.

I love this show.  I love the music, the art, the cute little adventures.  (I especially love that it replaced Gaspard & Lisa in the 8 pm slot on Disney Junior, but that's another story.)

Tonight, Medium and Large Fries were watching Little Einsteins while we waited for Small Fry to finish getting ready for bed.

And apparently Medium felt that the show was dumbed-down too much.  Or that the characters aren't too smart.

Annie [one of the Little Einsteins]: What color is Rocket?

Medium: Wred!  You know this!

I turned and looked at her, kind of shocked.

Medium:  You know it's wred.  You can see it.  You jus' want us to see it!

Smart as a whip, that one.

I think I'm justifiably scared.

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