Sunday, May 19, 2013

A New Milestone

"My toof is bleeding again!" Medium shouted as she came into the kitchen.

This is about the third time in the last week that Medium has come in to tell us that her loose tooth is bleeding.  This particular sucker was tethered especially well with well-fed tissues, so it bled when she bumped it with her toothbrush.  Or her spoon.  Or wiggled it hard.

About a week ago, I'd tried to pull it, but Medium yelped, even with orajel applied beforehand.

It was a lot looser this afternoon.

I figured it would come out easily.

I put more orajel on it when Medium asked me to.

"Do you think you can get it?" she asked me.

Ohhhhhhhh, I really wished Daddy was home instead of in the midst of a youth group event for the afternoon.  This makes me really squeamish.  It must be because it's been so long since I've yanked any of my own baby teeth.  Or something.

Either way, I confessed to Medium that I'm a wimp, and didn't want to do it...and that maybe she should wait and ask Daddy to do it.

"But it'll huhwrt if Daddy does it!"

Oooookay.  All right, I'd try it.

I grabbed a napkin, knowing that loose teeth are known to be a bit slippery and that the napkin would help me get a better grip.

But Medium wouldn't open her mouth.

I finally gave up on getting her to let me take a shot at pulling the tooth.  "I just want to look," I told her as she clamped her lips shut.

"You'wre gonna try to get it!" she squeezed out between clenched teeth.

I set the napkin down.  "See?  I'm not gonna pull it.  Let me see."

I looked again.  Yeah, that bad boy was ready to come out.

"I wanna try it."

I gave Medium a dubious expression.

"I wanna do it."

"Okay."  I handed her the napkin.

She fiddled with the napkin a little, and then grabbed hold of her tooth.

Not a peep of discomfort and two seconds later, the tooth was out of her mouth.

Yep, all by herself!

Holey moley.

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