Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nobody does indignance quite like Medium.

Last night...

I'm at the end of our tuck-in routine with the twins.  Hubby had board meeting last night, so he wasn't home for bedtime.

Me: I'll tell Daddy to come up and give you hugs and kisses when he gets home.

Medium:  Will you really?

Me: Yes.  I'll tell him.

Medium:  Before he starts talking?

Me: Yes.  But remember, he probably won't get home until after you're already asleep.

Medium: Okay.

I ended up telling Large Fry the same thing.

Large: Text!

Okay.  So I sent Hubby a text.  He got home from board meeting around 9:30, and went upstairs to peek in on the kids.  He was back downstairs within a minute.

Hubby: All three of 'em are out cold.


Once again, I'm at the end of tuck-in time.  Hubby was still at praise team practice (which always happens on Tuesday nights), so it was just me tonight, as well.

Me:  I'll tell Daddy to come up and give you hugs and kisses.

Medium [indignantly]: Like you did last time?  Daddy didn't come up!

Me [trying to hold back my amusement]:  Daddy did come up last night when he got home.  You were already asleep!

Medium [deflated]:  Oh.

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