Friday, November 22, 2013

Dickens' Days

Don't ask me what Dickens' Days is. Are. Something.

I have yet to find out. Too much else has been going on.

What I do know is that today is our little burg's Dickens Days' parade.

The PTO at the Fries' elementary school decided to do a float for the parade, and invited all the students who won "Character Counts" awards in September and October to participate and ride on the float.

Medium won in her class in October.

The theme is "A Charlie Brown Christmas," so they want the students to dress warmly and wear winter gear.

Now, I just so happened to purchase these little guys during my last foray to Kohl's. They were going to be Christmas presents for the Fries.

Given the float's theme...Christmas is coming a bit early, and they'll get these tonight, so that Medium and Woodstock can ride on the float together.

Update: Dickens' Days apparently kick off our holiday season here, and includes the town tree-lighting.

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