Saturday, November 2, 2013

Genetics will out, kid.

Hubby: What was that that you said about this family, Medium?

Medium: Dis family is weird.

Hubby: Do you know who the weirdest one is?

From the den, I hear my name being muttered and I walk back to the half-wall that separates the dining room from the hall.

Hubby (looking suspiciously guilty): You're getting me in trouble!

Me (to Medium): Did Daddy say I'm the weirdest one in the family?

Medium: You're the weirdest one!

Hubby: Ah, the informant. You're getting me in trouble!

Small (chirping): Mommy's da weirdest ooooone! Mommy's da weiwrdest ooooone!

Hubby: You're getting me in trouble!

Medium: Mommy? Are you cwrying?

Me (gasping): No!

Hubby: She's just laughing.

Yeah, and trying not to pee my pants at the hilarity of the conversation.

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