Monday, March 24, 2014

Enlightenment (Updated)

Today is March 24.

Given that tomorrow is court, and my stomach is home to a humongous horde of rather large butterflies, and that the only ones really feeling hungry are the kids, Hubby and I opted to go out to dinner tonight.

We went to the kids' favorite place, GVD.

We were mostly through with our meal when Medium made an announcement.

"You're the best mom and dad ever!"

One of these days, I will remember to record it when the kids say that, so I can play it back for them during an angsty teen moment when they say they hate us. But I digress.

Medium cocked her head. "Daddy Bro and Mommy XSIL aren't the best mom and dad ever."

Hubby studied Medium for a moment. "Why do you say that?"

"Well, because you love us. And take care of us an' stuff." (Yeah, even the kids get it. In a way, I wish their biological parents got it as well as the kids do.)

Medium paused for a moment after saying that. "But they're fun!" she said.

That was when we knew we'd been doing this right. That's what we want them to see: that Daddy Bro and Mommy XSIL are like the fun uncle and aunt.

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