Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mommy, there's a hole in my pocket.

Small made that little announcement around quarter to 6 tonight. "Oh?"

She presented me with her backside, wiggling a finger along the bottom of her right pocket.

Huh. "Yep, there sure is." It looked like the seam had separated, which would be a relatively simple fix. I leaned around my laptop to check out this hole a little bit more.

Holy smokes.

"Honey, I think those pants are finished."


"Because it's not just a hole in your pocket."

They gave the last full measure.

No, indeed.

That hole goes all the way across the cheek.

I don't think I can patch that.


  1. Yes, that's a blow out all right. Mom used to patch the knees, more than once, but once we blew out the backside, they were usually pitched. We got a lot of wear out of our clothes, as I am sure your daughters do.

    1. Considering those jeans had been Large Fry's first, and I'd patched the knees at least once, I'd say I got my money's worth out of them. It's the first time we've had this kind of pants explosion, though.


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