Sunday, March 30, 2014

We have good kids.

As with most households that have little girls, we were quick to snap up Disney's Frozen when it was released on DVD.

Actually, we hadn't seen it—going to the movies with five people is hard on the budget—when it hit theaters. But we watch enough Disney Junior in this house that we've seen the full "Let It Go" sequence, along with multiple commercials and spots featuring the movie.

I made note of the date, and ordered it from Amazon. I didn't tell the kids I'd bought it. Heck, I didn't even tell Hubby. I figured we could have a special family movie night when it arrived.

Well, it arrived the day after the release, so I had to hold onto it until Friday. I showed it to Hubby on his next day off, which was a Thursday, and he thought I was brilliant. So, that Friday, 3/21, we proposed a movie night to the kids, and they thought this was a smashing idea. They all wanted to watch The Croods on Netflix.

I had hidden Frozen in our room, and tucked it into my waistband and under my shirt to bring it downstairs. I announced that I thought I should get to choose the movie that night.

This was essentially booed by the kids.

"Why don't we see what Mommy's pick is?" Hubby suggested.

This was met with grumbles...until I pulled the movie out from behind my back.
Photo: Do you think they're excited that I bought "Frozen"?
Oh, I wish I'd had the ability to do that and film the kids' reaction. There were ear-splitting squeals and shrieks and generally loud delight all around.

They were ecstatic.

Since then, I think we've watched the movie—well, the kids have, anyway—seven times.

Now, I told you that so I could tell you this.

Hubby got a text this afternoon from Peejay's youngest son, wanting to know if their family could borrow Frozen today.

Mind you, we watched it yesterday. It was the first pick for movie day. Small Fry wanted to watch it again last night at 7p, which I had to turn down because it was too close to bedtime. So it's not like they've been "deprived" of the movie. They'd watched it at least once, if not twice, during the week, too.

Hubby mentioned D-man's request to the Fries. "Awww, we wanted to watch Frozen next!" Small said.

So there was this conversation. What was the kind thing to do? What was the selfish thing to do? Which should we choose?

The Fries chose to be kind, and Hubby texted D-man back to say that he could borrow the movie.

Small Fry went upstairs and cried.
Several minutes later, Small came back downstairs. Hubby had placed the DVD in the kitchen, waiting for D-man (Peejay's family lives one block over from us) to show up.

And when D-man arrived, guess who handed him the DVD?

Yep. Small Fry.

We have good kids.

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