Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Conversations Redux

For dinner tonight, I made mac and cheese from scratch.  No boxes.  No cheese sauces.  The real stuff.

It's been something of a struggle to get Large Fry to eat it when I make it.  If Gramma makes the Velveeta shells & cheese, she likes it just fine.  She'll eat that.  But the homemade kind?  Not so much.


It was a rough night for me to stand and cook in the kitchen, given the impending weather front that's going to be moving through and my poor ankle with four healed breaks and two titanium screws was griping about everything.

We sat down to dinner, and the kids dug in...to their green beans first, surprisingly.  After Hubby had cleared his plate, he set his fork down and looked at me.

Hubby: Auntie J, thank you for making this yummy dinner.  The mac and cheese is very good!

Me:   You're welcome.

Hubby [to Medium Fry]: Isn't it yummy?

Medium Fry [grinning like a goober]:  Yes.

Hubby:  You should tell Auntie J that.

Medium Fry: Fank you for da yummy dinnewr, Auntie J!

Small Fry:  Amen!

Hubby [chuckling]:  I guess that's a second!

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