Friday, November 5, 2010

Facepalm Moment

We're talking with my mom on Skype.  She's recovering from a nasty asthma attack and sounds like a frog with a sore throat (sorry, Mom).

Small Fry is in the bathroom, having gone potty.  I heard the water turn on, so I knew she was almost done.  Then it turned off.  Then it turned back on.

"Small Fry!  Turn the water off!" I shouted.

Small Fry turned the water off while I continued talking with Mom.

Then she's standing next to me.  "Auntie J, my pants are wet becauwse I threw them in Popoki's water dish."

"Why did you throw your pants in the cat's water dish?!"  Mom covers her mouth to muffle a very hoarse chuckle.  "I think I'd better go.  Talking is not good now," she says.

Just as we hang up, Hubby says in exasperation, "Small Fry!  Where is your Pull-Up?"  That's when I notice that Small is naked from the waist down.

"I threw it in da twash, 'cause it wasn't wet."

"Did you go pee-pee in it?"



Maybe she'll get this potty-training thing.  Eventually.

Meanwhile, she's running around, wearing her shirt, her new Pull-Up, and socks.  It's close enough to bedtime that I no longer care about finding a clean pair of pants.

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