Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Medium Fry:  Auntie J, why does Popoki have black eyes in hewr gween eyes?

Me [glancing down at the object of discussion]:  Those are her pupils.  They help her see.

A few minutes later....

I'm in the bathroom, fixing my hair.

Medium Fry: Auntie J, I have to go potty.

Me:  Okay, honey.

Medium Fry:  If Popoki didn't have pyookuls...

Me [thinking]:  What?

Medium Fry:  Um.  Um.  Um.  Um.

[Yes, that gets annoying real fast.]

Medium:  Um.  Um.  Um.  Um.   If....

Me [putting brush and hair dryer away]

Medium:  If Popoki didn't have pyookuls, she wouldn't be able to see!

Me [comprehension dawning]:  You're right!  If Popoki didn't have pupils, she wouldn't be able to see.

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