Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Transplanted Buckeyes

We spent well over the first decade of our married life in Columbus, OH, home of the OSU Buckeyes.  Hubby became a fan pretty quickly.  I sorta got sucked in, too.  I was happy to proclaim myself a fan during the six months that my brother lived with us eight years ago, mostly because he was such a diehard Michigan fan.

We now live in Penn State territory.

It makes life interesting.

And because I am a good sister, we've chosen to raise the Fries as Buckeye fans.

Innyhoo...I scoured the web, looking for decently-priced little kids' Buckeyes shirts.  They all know how to say "Go Bucks!"

I found some.

Today, as Hubby was getting Large Fry ready for school, he decided that she could wear her "Go Bucks!" shirt as long as she had a long-sleeved tee underneath it, since it was going to be almost 60 today.  And, of course, because OSU plays Penn State this weekend.

He's been teaching her the appropriate things, naturally:

"Say 'Go Buckeyes!'"

"Go Buckeyes!"

"Do we like Penn State?"

"No, I like the Buckeyes!"

"What's wrong with Penn State?"

"Joe Pa's too old!"

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  1. I just love your blog, it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy, and I usually get a good laugh too.


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