Friday, November 12, 2010

We must be doing something right.

Yesterday we had an episode that could best be termed as a Discipline Moment.

Now, before anyone reads any further and gets their Hanes in a half-hitch, yes, we spank our kids.  It's reserved for only the most severe offenses, and we figure it's either that, or tasering.  Spanking gets us in less trouble.  Oh, I know all the arguments.  It teaches violence, it's unnecessary as a form of punishment, it squelches the personality.  Well, both Hubby and I had our personalities squelched in such a way as kids.  We turned out fine.  And we have plenty of personality.  Innyhoo....

Hubby was having the Fries clean up the toy room, because, well, it looked like the toy shelves, cubes and box had exploded.

He had left the room momentarily, only to be called back by an absolutely bloodcurdling scream.

This prompted a return to the toy room, and a subsequent demand for answers.

Small Fry wailed, "Medium spanked me!"

Apparently, Medium Fry had decided that her twin was not doing enough in the way of picking up toys like Unca D said to do, and took matters into her own hands (while simultaneously avoiding the edict to pick up toys).


Hubby stares down Medium Fry.  "Did you spank your sister?"

Medium nods.

Hubby turns around and goes into the kitchen to fetch the spanking paddle, a silicon spatula.  (We're so mean.)

He returns to the toy room, where the twins are hovering in the doorway.  "Medium," he says, "you know you aren't allowed to spank your sister."  He turns his attention to Small Fry and hands her the spatula.  "Small, you have a choice.  You can either forgive your sister, or you can spank her back."

Small Fry kinda looks at Hubby in something akin to awe, and then faces Medium.  "I forgive you," she said.

And handed the spatula back to Hubby without another word.

We were so proud.


If you are rude, spiteful, or just plain mean, there will be a $10 charge just for putting up with you.

Please be nice.