Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All I Want For Christmas

Hubby has been out errand-running with a Fry along in the last week or so.

Several days ago, it was he and Large Fry, who got to go along since she was the only one awake after school, when Hubby went.  As they wandered around, Hubby asked, "What does Auntie J want for Christmas?"

Large Fry immediately pointed out a bright pink lamp, emblazoned with the word "Diva" on the shade.  And then a pink blanket.  And nearly every other pink bling-thing that caught her eye.

Hubby chuckled.  "You like pink.  Auntie J likes blues and greens."

Undeterred, Large Fry pointed out a blue crate.

Hubby didn't think that would go over well.

Tonight, since my ankle (along with a few other locations) was griping at me, I asked Hubby to go fill my pain meds prescription.  (One of the delights of being on an anticoagulant is that the strongest OTC pain med I can take is Tylenol, which doesn't do much for joint aches.  So I have good drugs.)  Small Fry came unglued at the thought of being left behind on such an important errand.  Hubby opted to grab dinner while out, and caved in to the little arms wrapped around his neck and whimpered pleas to go along, and he and Small Fry headed out into the cold.

Meanwhile, I rode herd on the other two here at home, repeatedly telling them that, NO, they could not chase each other around, that there was NO running in the house, and that they had to get OUT of the corner by the shelf that held my manger scene (ceramic, made by my mother, and inherited from her mother).

Hubby and Small Fry arrived home over an hour later--it had taken half an hour for the prescription to be filled, Hubby said--with dinner from KFC.

Small Fry handed me my prescription.

"Did you know," Hubby asked, "that you want a snowman cake pan for Christmas?  And a coffeemaker?"

"Oh, really?"  My "coffee" comes in little cans and bottles that say Dr Pepper on the sides.

"She also thinks you want a blender.  I said to her, 'I'm not buying my wife an appliance for Christmas,' and the lady near us in the aisle just chuckled and nodded."

This conversation could not possibly go further without Medium's involvement.  "I want twucks for Chwimmis!" she shouted.

Small Fry said, "I want cawrs for Chwimmis!"

Large Fry wants girly stuff, like dolls and My Little Ponies, and dress-up clothes.

Apparently, though, I need to come up with a better list, or I'm going to get pink lamps, pink bling, a snowman cake pan, and a coffeemaker.

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