Thursday, December 9, 2010


Medium Fry has been sent to the corner for throwing a tantrum.

Medium Fry [wailing through tears]: I'm snoring!

Hubby: Well, stop crying.

Medium: I have boogers in dewre!  Get out, boogers, get out!

Me: [trying not to laugh]

Medium: Unca D, I have boogers on my fingewr.

Hubby [to me]: Are you writing all this down?

Hubby [to Medium]: Then get a tissue.

Medium: I'm done cwying.

Hubby: Good.

Medium: Small Fwy is in da cwate.

Hubby: So?

Medium: I wanna be in da cwate!  I wanted fiwrst!

Hubby:  Well, you threw a tantrum, so you had to go stand in the corner.  You kicked your legs and screamed and fussed.  That's a tantrum.  You're not allowed to have tantrums in this house.

Medium: I've lost my ducks!

Me:  They're right there, on top of the dishwasher.

Medium:  I don't want dem!  [pause]  Dey don't like me, 'cause dey say I'm MEAN!

Me:  Oh, really?

Sometimes, there's just no winning.  :)

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