Thursday, December 23, 2010

Weepeet da sownding joy....

The munchkins are all tucked in their beds, ostensibly sleeping on this Christmas Eve eve.

Large Fry has moved beyond the need to have music playing to help lull her to sleep, but the twin Fries still like the comfort of the classical station playing in the background.  Since we live in nowheresville and don't even have our own radio stations, the classical station we get is out of Maryland.  Which actually has nothing to do with the story, really, except that I am enough of a writer to not want to have so many one-sentence paragraphs.


This being Christmastime, the classical station is playing sacred (and often choral) Christmas music.  The Fries growing up in our rather musically-inclined home, and especially now with the twin Fries being old enough for Junior Church on Sunday mornings, they've heard a lot of Christmas carols this year.

And because the twin Fries share a room, they're prone to talking instead of sleeping.  Really prone to talking instead of sleeping, and often end up giggling and shushing each other and Unca D has to shout upstairs at least a couple of times each night, to get them to settle down.  (Occasionally, Unca D must also go upstairs and lay down the law.)  Thus, we have an intercom monitor locked on transmit in their room, so we can tell when they're being little goobers and not sleeping, and respond accordingly.  Because, cute though they are, they are little bears when they don't get enough sleep.

Tonight was no different.  Hubby decided he was hungry for Friday's, and they let you phone in orders for pick-up here, so that's what we did for dinner after the Fries were tucked in bed.  So we're sitting here, eating our yummy Friday's dinner, when we hear something in the monitor.

Singing, to be precise.

Tonight's musical selection on our classical station included Joy to the World, and both Fries were singing along.  During the few measures between verses, Medium Fry observed, "Unca D sang dis sowng in chuwrch!"

It's quiet for another few measures, and then the choir sings the chorus again.

And Small Fry belts out, "Weepeet da sownding joy!"

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