Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1 a.m.

That's about the time I went to bed last night.

Er, this morning.


But my stomach was churning with nerves about the hearing this morning, and I had stayed up to tire myself out, so I wouldn't have trouble sleeping.

I turned off all the lights downstairs, grabbed the basket of the kids' clean laundry, and went upstairs.  I hoped I could sneak into the twins' room to put away clothes without waking them.  I knew I could with Large Fry; she almost never wakes up when I do that.

Medium Fry woke as I put undies and camis away, and she followed me out into the hall.  "I hadda bad dweem."

I put away the rest of the clothes, and gently tucked her back in to bed.  I pushed the sleep button on the clock radio, and soft classical music began.

I leaned over and kissed her forehead, and took a step towards the door.

"De big giants awre stuck in hewre," Medium mumbled sleepily.

I crossed my pinkies (because that's what Uncle D says makes monsters leave) and whispered, "Okay, giants, back out of the room."

"Yew fowrgot to say 'Ladies an' gennelmen."

I smiled.  "Ladies and gentlemen," I said softly.  "All giants and monsters need to leave."

"An' wombats," Medium reminded me.

My smile quirked again as I remembered the first time I'd done this little ritual.  I'd wanted something else besides monsters and giants, that didn't sound threatening.  Something silly.  Wombats was the first thing that came to mind.  The list has continued to grow.

"And wombats.  And birdies and bunnies and elephants.  Time to go. Woo-ahhh!"  I kicked out my right foot, because ever since I told the twins that I'd kicked out the giants and monsters and friends, I have to do a real kick, or the routine isn't complete.

Small Fry mumbled from the other side of the room.  "Yew fowrgot to kick."

I bent down and kissed her head too.  "No, I didn't.  I kicked when I said 'woo-ahh.'"

Small Fry sighed sleepily and settled back down into bed.  I tiptoed out and slipped into Large Fry's room to put her clothes away.  She slept peacefully on.

When I got back to our bedroom, I found an assortment of stuffed "friends," and I returned them to their rightful owners--all three Fries had left a trail of stuffed animals that morning.  As I closed Large Fry's door and headed back to our room, I heard Small Fry call my name.

"What, honey?" I asked as I poked my head in the doorway.

"I wanna s'eep in youwr wroom."

"No.  You need to sleep in your room."

She sniffs, signaling impending tears.  "But I wanna s'eep in youwr bed!"

"No, honey.  You need to sleep in your bed.  I'm going to sleep in my bed," I said gently but firmly.

"And Uncle?"

"Yes.  Uncle D is already in bed.  Go to sleep.  I love you."

 "Say, 'I love yew punkin.'"

"I love you, punkin."

"Say, 'I love yew, baby."

"I love you, baby.  Now go to sleep."

She gave me a sleepy smile and snuggled back against her pillow, hugging her little piggy.

I love these moments.

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