Monday, February 28, 2011

Here we go again.

Large Fry came upstairs after school for a short nap and stopped in my room to give me a hug before dozing.  "My froat hurts," she said.

I felt her forehead and it didn't feel too warm, so I had her go lay down.

But when Hubby went to leave, taking the Fries with him for worship team practice tonight (it's payroll week, and I've got a zillion things to do), Large Fry nearly cried.

So she stayed here, and I came downstairs.  She's got a mild fever.  Nothing too high.  I tried to peer down her throat with the penlight I got for Christmas (thanks, Dad), but she can't quite seem to say "aaaah" and get her tongue out of the way enough.  However, her throat does look swollen, and I think I see little white patches.  I gave her a Cepacol Fizzler (I love these things) for her throat.

Large Fry won't be going to school tomorrow, and she'll get to go see the doctor.  And probably Hubby will have to take her, since I need to work, depending on the time.

I'm hoping she doesn't have strep.  But I think that's a likely possibility.

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  1. Sorry to hear the Fry is ill. Will say a prayer for her...and you!


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