Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's payroll week again.

And that means I'm insanely busy for about three days.  (I know, I know; and here I am, blogging.)

So I'm hiding out in the bedroom today to finish up payroll, but I had to go downstairs to put more paper in the printer and retrieve my printouts before coming back up to work.  While I was downstairs, I toasted a cinnamon raisin bagel for breakfast and grabbed some sinus meds and a Dr Pepper to bring with me.

Which is when I realized I don't have enough hands to carry the laptop, the printouts, the highlighter pen I now need, my stapler, my bagel, my phone and my Dr Pepper.

"Who wants to help Auntie J?"

The twin Fries eagerly volunteer.  Medium gets my soda can and my phone, and I hand Small my stapler and the orange highlighter.

"C'mon!" Small Fry says cheerily.

I get back up to my room with my little entourage and retrieve my items from my helpers.

"Bye!"  Small Fry says, just as cheerily, with a wave as she walks toward the door.  "Have a nice work!"

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