Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quote of the Day

Medium is screaming and wailing in the corner, as if the world was ending.

She got caught lying, and was sent to the corner since she 'fessed up to her lie rather than continue it.  (Otherwise, the consequences would be worse.)

However, she'd shrieked as she went into the corner, which I told her she had to stop.  The wailing continued.  "Close your mouth," I ordered.

I let her cry (somewhat muffled) for a few more minutes, and then decided that was enough.  "Enough!" I shouted over the wails.

She hiccuped and coughed and sniffled and was starting to settle down while Unca D was dealing with Large Fry over her bout of pointless tears.  As Hubby released Large Fry to go play, Medium began to wail again.  "Medium!  That's enough!  No more crying!"

She wailed again.  "I can't hear you when I'm CWYING!"

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