Saturday, January 29, 2011

Punishment by Fun

We're spending the weekend with Gramma and Boppa.

They have about ten inches of snow, and a better hill for sledding than we have.  (And we've only got about seven inches of snow.)

Unca D went out and bought new sleds today, so that little girls can go sledding.  And have fun.  And giggle.  And we get great pictures.

Gramma made quesadillas for lunch.  Something new for the Fries...who were not sure at all about this.  They were told they had to eat three little quesadilla triangles in order to be considered "done" with lunch, and thus be able to play outside.

By the time Unca D got back from the store with the sleds, no one was "qualified" to go out and play in the snow.

And we decided that we could not just let them off the hook or make something different to get them to eat and thus be able to go play in the snow, because then that would tell them it's okay to refuse to eat, it's okay to insist on something different rather than what's made for a meal, and that either of those things will be rewarded by play.

Hubby looked at my dad, and said, "Thing is, if none of them get to go out, that means I still have to go out and play."

Dad grinned.  "Gee, darn."

(Small Fry ended up being the only one who got to go out and play.  Boppa went out to take pictures, since I forgot my camera and my ankle has been giving me fits over the last 48 hours.  Plus...I forgot my boots.)

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