Friday, January 21, 2011

Yet More Dinner Conversations

We eat dinner as a family each night (or, as many nights as are possible), and sometimes it brings about the strangest conversations....

Medium Fry [with a napkin shoved up in her right nostril]: I'm making a boogie!

Hubby: I'm wonderful.  You're an overachiever.

Large Fry: I'm not a cheater!

Medium Fry: I'm a cheater!  ...  Unca D, I have to frow my napkin away.

Hubby:  Just put it on the table.

Medium Fry:  But then the boogie will get on da tablecloff!

Hubby took the proffered napkin, inspected the miniscule boogie, then folded it up so that the "boogie" wouldn't touch the table.  He handed it back to Medium Fry.

Medium Fry:  Thank you!

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