Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good news! Good news!

My friends' teeny little preemie, Zach, is now a whopping nine days old, and he continues to improve daily!

In the last week, his feedings have increased from 1ml every three hours, to 3ml, to 5ml, to 7ml and today, he's up to 9ml every three hours!  His mom has been able to pump milk, and once it's been frozen for a number of hours, they can use it for Zach, which is wonderful.  Both of his parents have now been able to hold him, and his big brother has met him.

They can still use continued prayer, since they're having to adapt to a "new normal" for the time that Zach will remain in the NICU.  It's an exhausting schedule, especially when you take jobs and life with an active four-year-old into consideration.

We're all just so thrilled at the way our prayers have been answered so far.  Thanks for praying!

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