Saturday, January 8, 2011

Are those jevvies?

Today, in usual Murphy's fashion, Hubby found the little plastic Veggies that go in our Veggie Tales Manger Scene that we bought for the kids to play with, so they'll leave my ceramic one alone.

They're sitting in a ziploc bag on my desk right now, just waiting to be reunited with their stable and put away.

Small Fry walks over.  "What awre dose?" she asks, pointing at the little Veggies.

"Those are Veggies."

She nods and accepts the answer, and wanders off.  A few minutes later, she's back.

"Are dose jevvies?"

"No, they're VeGGies," I answered, stressing the consonant sound.

"Jevvies," Small Fry says.

"VeGGies," I corrected.

"Veggie Tales," Medium Fry intones from her spot on the couch next to Hubby, where she's playing with Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella knockoff Barbies.

"Jevvies.  Jevvie Talews," Small Fry said importantly.

Oh, well.  I guess we'll keep working on that.


  1. Those are moments to savour...because they grow out of the amusing cuteness before you know it. Fills the heart with laughter and love.

    By the way...get it on video. She's never believe she ever talked like that!

  2. I think I'll spend the afternoon jevving in front of some playoff games...

  3. We have a video where you can clearly hear Medium Fry addressing her ducky as "Gucky." It's great.


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