Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Ramblings

I was working on dinner and getting through some stuff for work.  Hubby was watching something on his computer and had his headphones in.  The twin Fries were napping.

And Large Fry was playing by herself in the middle of the living room floor, making up a song as she went along.

I didn't pay it much mind, until I realized she mentioned my late father-in-law (whom I still miss).

"Poppa Clair lives with Jesus!  Poppa Clair lives with Jesus?  Why?  I miss him!"

Me, too, Large Fry.  Me, too.  And you didn't even get a chance to know him.

Dad, I sure hope heaven's got video monitoring, and you saw and heard that.  That's love...when you love without ever meeting someone.


  1. That last sentence is pretty good theology.

  2. Seems to me a dude named John wrote something like that about 2000-ish years ago.


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