Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'll bet you didn't know this!

Today being Thursday, Large Fry has Good News Club during her lunchtime at school.  (At least, I think it's during lunchtime.  But I know she has GNC on Thursdays.)

Tonight, at dinner, she spits out this question, without warning:  "Why did da man kill da lamb and put da lamb in the fire?"

It took some creative questioning and the combined Biblical knowledge of both Hubby and myself to ascertain that she was talking about Abel.  Clearly, today's Good News Club lesson was about Cain and Abel and their sacrifices, and the unfortunate results.

Hubby tried then to explain that Abel killed the lamb as a sacrifice, to show God how much he loved him.

Large Fry was persistent.  She wanted to know why the poor lamb had to die.

"Well," Hubby started to explain, "when we you know what sin is?"

Large Fry nodded.

Small Fry piped up, "A bug!"

Betcha didn't know insects were evil....


  1. That's a Bible story with a twist! You have to laugh...but then again, it does make you do your homeowork!


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