Sunday, January 9, 2011

Last-minute change of thought

There's been a rash of tattling tonight.  Medium Fry has been in three times in the last five minutes, all to tattle that Large Fry has been licking toys.

Small Fry just came into the room.  And it's kinda suspicious, because Medium's last tattle was on Large Fry licking Small Fry's teapot.  And it's not uncommon for either of the Twin Fries to re-tattle after the other one has, just to be absolutely sure we got the message.

Small Fry:  Unca D?

Hubby: Are you going to tattle?

Small Fry [indecisively]:

Hubby:  Good, because if you were going to tattle, you would get punished, 'cause I'm tired of tattling.

Small Fry [momentarily panicking]:  I have to tell you somefing.

Hubby:  What do you have to tell me?

Small Fry:  Um... [you can almost see the light dawn]  I love yew!

Hubby:  I love you, too.  You can tell me that any time.

Small Fry:  I love yew!  I love yew!

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