Sunday, February 13, 2011

We won't be watching "Tarzan" again any time soon....

Given that Hubby and I are happily married, the Fries often see us kiss.   The Fries are now old enough that this is grooooooooss, especially for Large Fry.

So, we've had several previous conversations about kissing.  And how we don't kiss boys.  And how there's a short list of acceptable boys to kiss: Uncle D, Boppa, Daddy, Uncle C, cousin Ruben, and the soon-to-arrive baby brother of cousin Ruben.

All other boys are off limits.

I told you that, because I'm about to tell you this.

It's Sunday.  And that means Hubby gets the Fries dressed for church while I shower and get ready.  Medium Fry is flipping up her skirt to nearly her chin.

Hubby: What are you doing?

Medium Fry: I need to fix my leggings!

Hubby: Well, if you need to do that here, that's fine.  Just don't do that at church.

Medium Fry: Why?

Hubby: We don't want any little boys at church to see your panties.  That's not polite.

Medium Fry:  But you see my panties!

Hubby:  Yes, I do.  And it's okay if Uncle D sees them, or Boppa sees them, or Daddy sees them.  That's fine.  We just don't want other boys to see your panties.

Medium Fry: You don't see Auntie J's panties!

Hubby: I do see Auntie J's panties.  But that's okay, because we're married.  And when you grow up, and get married, it'll be okay for your husband to see your panties.  But NOT until you're married.

Now, I told you that story to tell you this one.

We're watching Disney's Tarzan.  This is somewhat scandalous, because Tarzan only wears undies (gasp) throughout the movie.

At the end, Jane--having decided to stay in Africa--jumps out of the dinghy first, runs back to Tarzan, and they kiss.

Large Fry: Eeewww!  Don't kiss a boy!

Small Fry: She can kiss him, 'cause she's big.

Medium Fry: And if they get married, he can see her panties.


  1. Hahahahaa, that was amazing. Actually made me die laughing XD Good one joy! -Dustin

  2. Oh, the preciousness!!!! Love it.

  3. LOL! Love it. :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Just read this post...I can so imagine this happening with Medium! Love that fry!


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