Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Crisis of Epic Proportions

As I sit here, I can hear the gentle wum wum wum of the washer agitating.

Problem:  that's all it does.


It filled up, no problem.  One load of delicates, nice and clean, coming right up.

And that was the last thing that went right.

The delicate cycle on my washer--a four-year-old machine--agitates for about a minute, and then sits for three or so.  Repeat.

I realized, shortly before we left for dinner at Denny's, that the washer had been agitating...without stopping.  Hmm.

I opted to stop the washer while we were gone.

Good thing I did.  Otherwise, it would likely have still been running when we got home.

It's not progressing any further into the wash cycle.  It's just sorta stuck on where it is.

Hubby thinks it's a switch issue.  He managed to get the washer to start a rinse cycle.  It's still where he left it.

I see the piles and piles and piles of laundry that I need to do...and I'm about thisclose to outright panicking.  We have a laundromat about a block down the street...but I do NOT want to have to go make use of it.

And the kids are running out of pants.

Either way, I've got to get the thing (more accurately, have Hubby do it) to a spin cycle, so that I can pop the current load in the dryer.

I do not relish having to call a washer repairman.  I need my washer back sooner than my friend Lah got her washer fixed.  (Hers was a comedy of errors and took several days too long.)

I hate the idea of having to buy a new machine if ours can't be fixed, but the Lowe's card is available if I need it.  Figures.  I just paid the balance off.

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