Saturday, April 2, 2011

Two Squares

We seem to have acquired a toilet-paper elf, who sneaks in at odd hours and makes off with large quantities of toilet paper.

Or it's the kids, using waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than they need to.  Or that they're allowed.

I'm betting more on the kids than the elf, especially after we battened down the hatches and still went through a double roll in less than 24 hours.

It was the kids.

They are limited now to two squares of toilet paper when they pee, four if they have to wipe their bottoms.

This morning, Hubby was getting Large Fry ready for school.  The twins had clambered in bed with me about 8, wanting to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Not long after that, Medium asked if she could go potty.

Oh, by all means.  Please.  Go potty.

Hubby was trying to hustle Large Fry through breakfast and getting ready to get on the bus, and writing a note to Large's teacher and the lunch room lady (they had screwed up and allowed Large Fry to charge a breakfast, and they're not supposed to do that), when Medium starts shouting.






"WHAT?!" Hubby shouted, having no idea what could possibly be so important that she had to tell  him when I'm upstairs and a lot closer.

"I got two squares," Medium happily informed him.


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