Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hero(es) of the Week

I hope you're not expecting something truly profound here....  Profound only happens here at The Parenthood Experiment when I least expect it.

I've had an emotionally trying week.  It's payroll week, which is my tremendously busy week in my job.

It also seems to be the week that Murphy shows up in earnest, because it's just not enough for me to have payroll insanity for two days, followed by billing and writing the employee newsletter.  No, no.  Pile on the crises!  (I can't tell you how many monumental events in the timeline of the custody insanity fell into payroll week somewhere.)

This week, I had payroll, a flare-up of family issues relating to the custody of the Fries (I'm still kinda peeved), a billing situation that could only be (charitably) described as a mess that was handed to me today, and a shocking announcement from the private school where I went to elementary, middle and high school, and from which I graduated, that was gut-wrenching when I heard it a week ago.  The emotional response has taken several days to catch up to me, and the increased alumni reaction has only fueled the roiling feelings inside.

I finally broke down and cried tonight, bawling all over Hubby, finally unable to contain it any longer and finished with work.

About quarter to 11p, I realized I hadn't eaten any dinner.  And since I was feeling gloomy, and wanted comfort food, I wanted cheesy fries.  Sonic has cheesy fries....

Favorite spot.
But despite perusing the Sonic website with Mika perched on my shoulder (a challenge), I couldn't find out when our location closed.

And I didn't want Hubby to have to stop his OnDemand movie on his computer to go get me cheesy fries.

Yes, I know it sounds silly.  I was trying to be a nice, unweepy, undemanding wife.

I mentioned it to Hubby, who actually, y'know, called Sonic, right at 11p, to see when they closed.  "Um, now," the employee who answered the phone said.  Hubby thanked them and hung up.

Two minutes later, Hubby's cell phone rings.

It's the Sonic employee!

Who then asked what he wanted.  "Grill's not closed yet."

Hubby smiled, chuckled, told 'em cheesy fries, and grabbed his coat to head out the door.  Then he called back a minute later and asked for a large PB cup Blast.

All of that alone would have been enough.

All of that had already rated that Sonic employee as my hero.

But wait, there's more!

Hubby got home in about fifteen minutes, with my cheesy fries, the PB cup Blast, and a large cherry limeade.  He'd pulled up to the window and the clerk said, "Cherry limeade?"

Then they told him it would be a minute.  "We want to make sure your fries are fresh."

They weren't willing to give out the fries sitting under the warmer...they made them fresh.

Hubby pulled out his debit card to pay.

The clerk wouldn't take it.

Wouldn't. Take. It.

"Just to show you we care," the employee said.

The two employees who worked at my local just earned your location a very loyal customer...and we plan to patronize your Sonic a whole lot more, because of your kindness and generosity.

Thank you.

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