Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Tell that You're the Mom of Small Children

  • You can't see your floor because of all the toys.
  • You have a plastic 3-drawer dresser in your living room for jammies.
  • Your cats hide upstairs most of the day to escape the kids.
  • You shuffle as you walk across the floor, to avoid a full-weight stepping-on of any stray Legos.
  • VeggieTales DVDs outnumber the movies that have a greater-than-G rating.
  • You regularly find stuffed animals (which aren't yours) in your bed, left there by the mischievous imps who also reside in your house.
  • You have the level of kitty noseprints and the level of small fingerprints in about the same place on the windows.
  • Your freezer has chicken nuggets and tater tots.  And hotdogs. With more hotdogs in the fridge.
  • You've ever had to shriek at a small person to go get a tissue and wipe the booger off the kitchen playset that she just wiped on there.  (Yes, today.)
  • Your lingerie bag for laundry sees more fuzzy duckies and piggies than it does lingerie.  (Also today.)
All this, and lots of hugs and kisses from pint-sized people.

Not a bad deal, really.

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