Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Why does it blink?"

I really don't know how to tell this story without grossing anyone out.

Queen Po and the Duckie
Medium Fry is sitting on Hubby's lap.

So is Po, for that matter.

Poor Po.  She suffers so many indignities.

She's about to suffer another one.

To be precise, Po isn't sitting on Hubby's lap.  She's standing.  With, naturally, her rear in Medium's face.

Hubby: Don't touch her there.  She doesn't like to be touched there.

Medium Fry [squeezing her eyes shut and opening them rapidly]: Uncle, why does it blink?
Hubby:  Where?

Medium points right at Po's rear.  Yes, that part of her rear.

And Hubby squeezes his eyes shut tight, slaps his hands over his face, and fails miserably at holding in huge guffaws.

Hubby: Did you touch it?

Medium shakes her head.

Hubby:   It blinks [giggle] because of the muscles moving there.

Something in Medium's face makes him ask again.

Hubby:  Did you touch her there?

Medium shakes her head again.

Hubby:  Because if you touched her there, you need to go wash your hands.  Or get some hand sanitizer.

Po leaves the scene of her most recent indignity and goes to take her usual spot on the couch.

Medium slithers off Hubby's lap.

Hubby:  You touched her there, then?

Medium goes out into the kitchen for hand sanitizer and both of us dissolve into giggles again, with Hubby mimicking Medium's slow blink when she asked, and whispering, "Why does it blink?"

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