Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Migraine Salute Moment


Never a dull moment around here.

Medium went to the potty, like usual, before naptime.  She took the kid-proof camera with her. I bought it for all three Fries for Christmas last year, since they were always wanting to take pictures.

I heard her get on the toilet.

I heard her flush.

I heard her turn on the water...ostensibly to wash her hands.

The water went off.

Then I heard it come on again, harder this time.

"What are you doing?" I called.

"Washing my hands," she hollered back.

"That's the second time she's turned the water on," I said.

Hubby immediately got up to go investigate.

Rather than washing her hands...I'm sure you see where this is going...she'd given the camera a bath.

We apparently have made a better kid.  Fisher-Price didn't think of this one, it seems.

Because the camera was so well-bathed that water was pouring out of it.

Needless to say, Medium Fry had a very unpleasant disciplinary experience.  I got paper towels to mop up the mess that the dribbling camera was making.

Medium got sent upstairs to bed, and Small Fry followed.  Hubby shook more water out of the camera and sternly ordered Large Fry to go potty, and to NOT take any toys into the bathroom with her.  Then he went up to tuck the twins in, asking me to send Large up when she was done.

Hubby came back downstairs after everyone was settled in bed, and picked up the camera.

I'll be darned.  The thing turned back on.

It even took a picture.

But when Hubby looked at the LCD display and viewed the picture, it was a picture of Medium's duck.

Every picture was the duck.

Even the one he'd just taken of me.

Sooo...into a bag of rice it goes, and we'll see if it will ever work again.

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