Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Grandparental Jealousy

My sister had her second baby in the wee hours of the morning today.  Actually, since she and her husband and son live in Romania, it was still yesterday here when she had him.

I was rather surprised that she was able to get internet access in the hospital, but apparently that wasn't an issue.  She called on Skype this morning to introduce me to my newest nephew.

BIL, big brother R, A, and Sis
This is A.  Isn't he cute?

The twin Fries were delighted to meet their new cousin, Small Fry especially.  She loooooooooooooves babies.  In fact, her definition of a "baby" is pretty broad: any child smaller and/or younger than she is.  So seeing her new baby cousin rated pretty much off the charts for Small Fry...who then had to show off all of her babies (well, five of the dollies, at least).  And say hi to BIL's mom, who was visiting.  And BIL's dad, when he came up to see the baby.  And kept shoving Medium Fry out of the way.

I asked Sis what R thought of his new baby brother.  She said that R had gleefully announced, "He loves me!"  So far, so good.

Innyhoo...A was born at 2-ish a.m., weighed 8 lbs 4 oz (a pound less than his brother at birth), and is 22 inches long.  I love the strawberry blond hair!  He's so cute!

R is a superhero.  Superheroes can stand on the bed.
As we wrapped up our conversation (because, as much as I'd like to stare in delight at my new nephew, people are waiting to be paid here), Sis pointed out that even Mom and Dad hadn't seen baby A yet.

"Oh, really?  I beat out Gramma?" I said.

"She was off getting her hair done," Sis said with a grin.

"Cool!"  I know this means I have bragging rights.  Especially since I've been taking snapshots via Skype as we talked.

Sis laughed.  "First to answer, first to win!"

Of course, being the kind and thoughtful daughter that I am, I sent a text to both of my parents: Neener! I saw A and I have pictures!

Dad's reply was succinct: Dog.

Posted on FB. Go look! I sent back.

Double dog, Dad replied.

I had to laugh, and then I texted back, To quote your younger daughter, "First to answer, first to win."  Dad complained that he was on a deadline.

Mom finally replies, mid-perm at the beauty salon, and asks if I can send a picture to her phone.

I finished up payroll, pulled up the Skype snapshot gallery, and proceeded to take a picture of my computer screen to send to both of my parents (this is important), so they can see their new grandson.  I sent it out via MMS...and waited.

Dad replied first.  Said A is clearly BIL's son and R's brother.  And instructed me to be sure to send the picture to Mom.

My parents have issues.  How dumb do they think I am?  ;)

I replied back that I'd sent it to them both at the same time.  Dad replied that I should know by now that they both feel the need to be sure of these types of things.
The happy gang.

I chuckled.  Next, I'll hear from her that I should be sure to send it to you, I typed back.

Sure enough...fifteen minutes later, Mom has seen the picture, and we have a brief conversation about my aunt in Rochester who wants to crochet hats and gloves for the Fries for next winter.  And then it happens.

Did you send Dad the pic too?

I knew that was coming.

Yes, Mother.

She sent a text back, saying that she was going to send it on to the aforementioned aunt in Rochester, as well as to her sister, but she didn't want to do that if Dad hadn't seen it first.

When I texted Dad to tell him that she'd not only asked if he'd seen the pic, but why she wanted to know, he about fell off his chair laughing.

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