Monday, March 7, 2011


In the last two hours, the following taboo things have been done:
  • Small Fry pulled one of the outlet covers off an outlet in the toy room.  She then gave it to Medium Fry, who was using it as a pretend pacifier.  And that was all okay, because Small Fry had given it to her.  After taking it out of the "yellow fing."  Hubby dealt with that one.
  • An unnamed Fry played with toilet paper in the sink.
  • Medium Fry played in the sink (and happily admitted doing so) rather than washing her hands.
  • Small Fry stood on top of the toilet.
  • Not only that, Small Fry stood on top of the toilet in order to reach the liquid soap dispenser, which has been placed up high on a shelf for the expressed purpose of keeping it out of the hands of any Fry.
  • Furthermore, having stood on the toilet and having retrieved the liquid soap dispenser, Small Fry then unscrewed the pump and topped off the soap dispenser with water.  Which is, after all, the reason why the soap dispenser was up high and the Fries were only allowed to use bar soap when washing their hands.  They'd had similar fun at the condo where we stayed when vacationing in Ocean City last August.
  • Medium Fry felt it was better to wear her lunch rather than eat it.  So she has jelly and peanut butter in her hair and lucky Hubby is going to get to give her a bath later.  My sinus icks have started again, and I don't have the energy.
I think I'm taking a nap with them.

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