Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The twins are playing hide-and-seek.

I think.

They still haven't quite mastered the gist of the game.

They help each other decide where to hide...then one hides, and the other counts, to somewhere between 8 and 18, often skipping a few -teen numbers.

Then the counter goes to find the hider, pretending she doesn't know where the hider is.

The hider will jump up and shout, "Puh-pwize!" if she feels the counter is taking too long.

It's hilarious.

Small Fry gets ready to count.  Medium tells her she can't, because she hasn't figured out where she's going to hide yet.

"You hide while she counts," I say.

"No," Medium disagrees.  She thinks for a minute.  "I'm hiding inna baffroom!"  Off she goes, and Small Fry starts counting.  They run into each other in the kitchen once Small Fry finishes her counting.

Medium Fry is counting this time.

Small Fry says, "I'm gonna hide inna hawway!"  She scampers off.

Medium starts to count.  "'leven...
twelb...firteen...eighteen...wready owr not, hewre I come!"

Small Fry giggles from the hallway.

They meet up and come tearing back in here.

Now it's Small's turn to count again.  She and Medium have decided that Medium will hide between the opened-to-a-90-degree-angle kitchen playset and the coat closet.  Medium wiggles inside and hunkers down.

Small Fry returns to the living room to count.  "Wahn...two...fwee...fouwr...five...six...sebben...eight!  Weady owr not, hewre I come!"

Small observes for a moment before Medium prairie-dogs up from her hiding place.  "You hafta count to F!" she says indignantly.

"No!" Small says.

"You hafta count to F!"  Medium is even more indignant (yes, it's possible).

"No, I don't," Small retorts happily.

"Den I'm nawt gonna pway hide-an'-seek wif you anymowre."  Medium pouts.

The conversation repeats almost verbatim.

Realizing she won't get any angst out of her twin, Medium goes back to playing with the buckets all three kids got for Easter from Bro's fiancee, and making "candy."

They're both having a marvelous time.

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