Monday, April 18, 2011

Word of God, Speak

This morning, the twin Fries were ostensibly "snuggling" in bed with us before Hubby got up to get Large Fry going for school.

Hubby sent Large Fry to her room to get dressed, and then firmly told Medium Fry that she needed to stop bumbling around on the bed.  She needed to be quiet, and to be still.

She didn't really want to be still.  And she had nowhere to lay, she whined, especially when I griped about her putting all of her (considerable, when compared to her twin) weight on my bad ankle.  Three times, in fact.

"Why don't you come lay up here?"  Hubby asked her.

"I'm snuggling wif Uncle," Small Fry said.

Medium shook her head at Hubby.  "Can you come snuggle next to Auntie?"

"Noooo.  She's not my best buddy!"

"Who's your best buddy?"

"You awre."  Full pout.

"You can either lay next to Auntie, or you can go back to your own bed."

Medium Fry pout-slunk all the way back to her bed.

I dozed for a little while longer, until Small Fry got in my face after Hubby had gotten out of bed (which I apparently dozed through).

"I wanna watch TV!" she said in a stage whisper.

If it would keep her from driving me crazy...I felt for the clicker, turned the TV on, and punched the numbers for the Disney channel.

"Mickey Mouwse Club Houwse!" Small Fry cheered almost quietly.

It wasn't all that loud, but I knew that the noise from the TV would bring Medium back to my bedroom.

Shortly, I heard her say my name at the doorway.  "God told me to come hewre and watch Mickey Mouse Club House."

Okay then!

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