Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Payroll Tuesday

It's payroll day.

Usually, this is the day I tear my hair out, because I'm missing a whole slew of stuff to finish off the final details before I can send the final report to my boss, who then sends it out to the payroll management company. 

I spent nearly all of yesterday sequestered up in my bedroom, working on making sure I had as much done as possible before emailing the list of missing information to the office staff.  (I work 350 miles from the scene of the crime.  We communicate a lot by email.)  Today won't be quite so bad, since I'm usually done by noonish.  (Heavier on the -ish some weeks, but that's about right.)

The office faxes a lot of stuff to me, too.  I have a fax-to-email protocol, and when the fax popped in this morning, I was actually happy to see it, because it meant I could eliminate a few more things before playing wait-and-see on the rest.  (There must have been something in the water this pay period, because I had three times as many unverified shifts as I normally do.)  I wasn't nearly as thrilled when I realized it was 24 pages long.  Oy.

Thankfully, my printer is networked wirelessly.  I'm able to print without having to go downstairs and connect directly by USB cable.  However, I do not have a magic wand anymore; they confiscated that when I flunked out of Fairy Godmother School.  Which means I usually have to go down and get my printed materials.  And 24 pages tends to overflow the receiving tray on the printer, and since the printer sits on my desk in the living room, five feet off the floor, paper winds up everywhere.

But wait!  I have children!

And a cool husband, who rescued my printouts.

I had actually forgotten (temporarily) that I was printing things, because I turned off the annoying audible alerts for my printer, when I heard small feet pounding down the hallway.  Both twins burst into my bedroom, shrieking happy greetings.

"Speciawl delivewree!" Medium said with glee, handing me a fistful of papers.

How awesome is that!

I got hugs and they went back downstairs.  And I'm supposedly going back to work.

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